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Brussels, as a prominent EU city, was selected as the host for the TRINITY final event, and in a remarkable collaboration, the consortium joined forces with its sister project, FARCROSS, to organize this milestone occasion.

Both TRINITY and FARCROSS have dedicated their efforts to strengthening cross-border capacities in the South-Eastern European region through the application of optimization solutions and grid-enhancing technologies. However, their approaches differ slightly: TRINITY focused on fostering cooperation between EU and non-EU countries, while FARCROSS pioneered cross-border power trading with innovative hardware and software tools. Watch this webinar to find out more about them.

On September 7th, the joint final event of the FARCROSS and TRINITY projects unfolded in Brussels, serving as a platform to showcase their remarkable achievements in enhancing cross-border capacities through these cutting-edge technologies. The event was strategically designed to engage policymakers at both regional and EU levels, other consortia involved in Horizon projects, transmission system operators (TSOs), and experts in the field of smart energy.

This concluding event provided an exceptional opportunity to highlight the outcomes realized in both projects, foster the exchange of knowledge, and facilitate the sharing of challenges and solutions implemented throughout their durations. Remarkably, most attendees (comprising 80% of the audience) were consortium members, which facilitated networking and laid the groundwork for potential collaborative ventures.