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The Commissioner for Energy visits TRINITY at EUSEW 2023

On June 20th, Kadri Simson, the Commissioner for Energy at the European Commission, visited TRINITY's booth at the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW 2023) exhibition hosted by ETRA. During her visit, the TRINITY team showcased a captivating Real-Time 3D visualization of one of the wind farms under the project's monitoring and control. The Commissioner displayed a keen interest in these innovative technologies and lauded TRINITY for its remarkable achievements.

Visitors at the booth had the opportunity to gain firsthand insights into the project by engaging in informative discussions with ETRA's dedicated R&D experts who are actively driving these initiatives. Furthermore, Álvaro Nofuentes, the coordinator of the TRINITY project, played a pivotal role in the session titled "Smart Grids: Supporting the Integration of Renewable Energy Sources and the Transition to Clean Energy" (accessible online). Nofuentes underscored the potential of Artificial Intelligence in optimizing energy grid management and harnessing renewable energy sources, eliminating the need for extensive hardware installations.

Revealing lessons learned

In the course of the TRINITY project, partners embarked on a transformative journey within the energy sector, revealing significant challenges and good practices. This tale of innovation and collaboration unfolded as an epic saga, with each chapter delving into the complexities of the energy landscape.

Amid this odyssey, TRINITY confronted a multifaceted tapestry of obstacles. From the intricate web of technical and data-related hurdles to the labyrinthine maze of organizational intricacies and resource management, the challenges were diverse and formidable. But the project team's unwavering commitment to success forged a path through these adversities. Communication was the thread that bound their efforts, weaving together meticulous planning and the fusion of diverse expertise. It was this meticulous coordination that ultimately yielded triumph in the face of adversity.

As the project ventured into the realms of integration and demonstration, new challenges emerged. The quest for effective installations, rigorous field testing, and unfettered data access presented formidable trials. In the wake of the pandemic's disruption, TRINITY adapted by pivoting towards online collaboration, demonstrating resilience in the face of unprecedented circumstances.

Yet, beyond these trials lay a landscape marked by legal and regulatory disparities, casting a shadow over the project's replicability and impact within the Southeast European region. The need for harmonization and alignment with stringent EU standards became a clarion call.
The dissemination and exploitation endeavors, too, bore their own set of hurdles. Optimizing media impact, bolstering subscription rates, and surmounting publishing challenges became the order of the day.

In the face of these trials, TRINITY's remarkable good practices illuminated the path forward. Regular meetings served as compass points, guiding the project through turbulent waters. A motivated research cadre fueled the engine of innovation, while a modular architecture provided the scaffolding for progress. Collaborative communication acted as a beacon, illuminating the way, and efficient software interoperability served as the gears of progress. The act of publishing results became a testament to the project's unwavering commitment to transparency and knowledge sharing.

Integration and demonstration activities bore fruit through the relentless pursuit of improvement, adherence to standards, collaborative consortium efforts, and meticulous planning. Meanwhile, the replicability and impact practices underscored the potential of TRINITY's innovations. Automated communication, cross-border exchange of balancing capacities, user-friendly tools, and a harmonious symphony of regular cross-border communication showcased the project's transformative potential.

The grand tapestry of the TRINITY project was a narrative of innovation, collaboration, and a resolute commitment to shaping a brighter future within the energy sector.

Last event in Serbia

Serbia had geared up for the 36th CIGRE Srbija conference, which was held from May 22nd to 24th at Zlatibor mountain. The conference, themed "Flexibility of the Electrical Power System”. In addition to the presentation, the H2020 project had hosted a booth at the exhibition area,
providing an opportunity to showcase their solutions that enhanced cooperation and coordination among transmission system operators in the SEE region. The project aimed to support the integration of the electricity markets in the region, promote the penetration of clean energy, and encourage sustainable practices.

Watch now the TRINITY-FARCROSS webinar

This webinar, hosted by ISGAN and organised by TRINITY and FARCROSS, discusses the cross-border power flow capacities identified as key enablers of market integration in Europe, and thus one of the main facilitators of the integration of renewable energy. The webinar is hosted by the Horizon2020 projects FARCROSS and TRINITY, which have worked to enhance the cross-border capacities in the South-Eeastern European region, using optimalization solutions and grid-enhancing technologies.

Latest publications available

New science publications (open access) are available on the website, as well as, the latest public deliverables which offer specific information on our outcomes.
TRINITY also participates in another category of publications for dissemination targeting other stakeholders and a more general audience. Most of them are under the framework of the BRIDGE initiative. Find them here.

T-RES Control Centre monitoring demo

Discover the inner workings of the TRINITY product, T-RES CONTROL CENTRE, and explore its impressive functionalities.

A Coffee with FARCROSS

The latest TRINITY Coffee Break has a very special guest, its sister project FRACROSS. Meet partner from FARCROOSS Anastasis Tzoumpas, its Project Manager, Eleni Tsironi its Quality Assurance Supervisor, and Magda Zafeiropoulou its Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation Leader. From TRINITY’s side, the Coffee Break was hosted by Rita Hodos, Álvaro Nofuentes, and Raquel Castán.

Coming actions

On September 7th, from 10:00 to 13:30 CEST, TRINITY and FARCROSS will celebrate their joint final event, showcasing their achievements in enhancing cross-border capacities in the South-Eastern European region through optimization solutions and grid-enhancing technologies. The event will be held in a hybrid format at the Office of the Spanish National Research Council in Brussels (Rue du Trône, 62), with an online livestream available.
Register now! Due to limited capacity, early registration is recommended. Registration deadline: 29 August.

Participating in events

EU Sustainable Energy Week 2023 - TRINITY hosted a booth at the Energy fair.

BRIDGE General Assembly 2023TRINITY attended the different sessions.

ENTSO-E Steering Group Regional Coordination – Presentation of TRINITY goals and products.

Internal meeting with SELENE - To present to them the potential of the RCC (Regional Coordinator Centre) technologies developed within the project.


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