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The European Commission has added the 4 TRINITY products to the league of high-potential EU-funded innovations featured in the EU Innovation Radar!
In this analysis Innovation Radar also identified project partners as 'Key Innovators' in the development of these innovations.

What are the latest advances in the TRINITY tools?

With a year and a half before the end, its progress is already underway. Let’s find their current stage!
The T-RES CONTROL CENTRE is almost finished! The remaining work developed by ETRA is now relying on the integration with other T-products and end-user infrastructure. In fact, integration with the Intraday (ID) Module of T-MARKET has already started and now Renewable energy Sources (RES) operators can easily submit optimized bids to ID markets. Optimized bids in Bilateral and Guarantees of Origin (GoO) T-MARKET modules will be also possible soon. Moreover, we want to highlight that during the last months we have enhanced the user experience of our product and we have provided new graphical user interfaces (see the image below). Now, RES Operators have modifiable and dynamic synoptic visualization of their RES Units with real-time data. ↓
The development and preliminary deployment of T-SENTINEL TOOLSET, developed by EKC, was successfully completed. The developed software modules will enhance the business processes performed by TSOs and regional security centres in South East Europe related to: power system operational security forecasting and monitoring, capacity calculation, redispatching cost-sharing, adequacy assessment, emergency and restoration processes, and automatic frequency regulation process. →
→The T-COORDINATION PLATFORM was released in version 2.0 in April 2022 and new improvements are regularly added. The application is extensively being tested by our partners and end-users, leaded by SCC, the Regional Security Center in South East Europe (SEE). In particular, the Coordinated Security Analysis (CSA) process provides the results of security analysis visible directly in the platform. It allows users to cooperate and coordinate on the preventive and corrective remedial actions that should be taken care of during the process. It is an important improvement of the actual process and will lead to better integration of Renewable within the area towards maintaining strong security. ↓
The Coordinated Capacity Calculation (CCC) process calculates the better values for Net Transfer Capacity between the borders of the SEE countries. Within T-COO Platform, end-users instantly see the accepted value proposed by the other Transmission System Operator (TSO) and directly discuss and cooperate. They decide in a more transparent and efficient way the agreed values for this maximum value of energy that could be exchanged between the two countries. It is an important to step before allowing more energy to market, in particular for sharing Renewable production crossing the borders.
All these features and the other ones developed in TRINITY by RTE international from France, RTE from France, and Institut Mihajlo Pupin (IMP) in Serbia will be demonstrated in the coming months to increase reliability, security, and coordination of the TSOs and associated partners, whilst supporting the integration of the electricity markets in the region and promoting higher penetration of clean energies. ↓
→ The SEEPEX and IMP partners are making progress in different modules within T-MARKET COUPLING FRAMEWORK. The most remarkable is the work done on Cross-Border Intraday Market Coupling Module. The development has finished, but future tests have begun to be planned to verify that it works. Thorough testing of the products will be in the period September – December 2022. An innovative technical setup will be tested in Intraday Market Coupling Auction (ID MCA) module. The envisaged technical solution is simplified and the Cross zonal Capacity (using ATC) submission from TSOs to the central coupling assets will be streamlined without the need of an intermediate Power Exchange (PX) system.
The capacity allocation between Hungary (CACM EU Member State) and Serbia (non-CACM and non-EU country) will be validated during the initiative thanks to national regulatory framework adaptation, a robust contractual framework amongst power Exchanges, and TSOs, as well as a generic technical solution.
One of the main innovations brought up by this platform is the implementation of the Export/Import zone (EIZ). EIZ represents small markets (countries), markets with lower intraday liquidity, and markets that do not find business interest to implement full intraday market coupling using the auction mechanism. This will enable such markets to access a liquid market that is coupled with an integrated Pan-EU market. The market participants from such markets will have an opportunity to adjust their position through this product.


On 23rd June 2022, the TRINITY work plan, deliverables, and milestones were evaluated against objectives by the European Commission during the 2nd Review Meeting in Brussels. During the meeting, the product leaders showed the current status of their technologies as well as video demonstrations and their future exploitation plans.


In March TRINITY, together with the CROSSBOW project, organised the online workshop “Innovation of Regional Security Coordinator services” as an internal event with SEleNe CC, one of the six Europe’s Regional Security Coordinators (RSCs).
This event aimed at presenting to SEleNe CC the high-potential EU-funded innovations developed by both projects. Within this workshop, SEleNe CC examined the most beneficial collaboration and particular interests in those innovations, and is expected further collaboration in the future.
Enlit Interview Alvaro

TRINITY in the EU Projects Zone Podcast

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TRINITY broadcasted on the Macedonian National TV

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TRINITY among the jury's favourite practices of the "Good Practice of the Year 2021

Latest publications available

New science publications (open access) are available on the website, as well as, the latest public deliverables which offer specific information on our outcomes.
TRINITY also participates in another category of publications for dissemination targeting other stakeholders and a more general audience. Most of them are under the framework of the BRIDGE initiative. Find them here.

Coffee Break - Summer edition

Summer and holidays could be a great moment to expand your knowledge of Energy Transition! In this online "Coffee Break - Summer Edition" partners recommend books, videos, YouTube channels, documentaries, films, and podcast related to the Energy Transition and Renewable Energy.

Coming actions

See you at the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2022!
TRINITY has been chosen to participate in the Energy Fair on September 28-29! TRINITY will have a booth on those days from 8:30 to 18:30 CEST.

ETRA and EKC worked together with the FARCROSS project (sister project .of TRINITY) in a common scientific publication called “Merging cross-border flow optimization techniques for performance maximization”. In the next months, the projects will check where to publish it.

Two TRINITY scientific publications presented at the 18th European Energy Market Conference 2022 have been accepted! They will be presented at the Conference

Participating in events

37th International Energy Conference 2022 TRINITY partners presented its tools and impact.

Annual Energy Forum 2022 organized by the Scientific and Technical Union of the Power Engineers in Bulgaria with a presentation of the 4 successful developed TRINITY products.

Blockchain to track Guarantees of Origin (video) On 29th June TRINITY participated in the workshop on Blockchain applications in the Energy Sector, organised by the EU Blockc

CROSSBOW Final Event As TRINITY works on the development of tools and services that go a step beyond the CROSSBOW project in South-Eastern Europe (SEE), it has participated in its final event. Video here.

BRIDGE General Assembly 2022TRINITY representatives participated in the session Parallel Session 1: REGULATION Working Group by presenting the “Action 3: Cross-border and regional cooperation”. The goal of this task was to create report explaining scope and maturity of products from various ongoing Horizon 2020 projects which are related to the topics.

ENLIT Conference 2021 – TRINITY participated with a booth at the EU Projects Zone of Enlit Europe Conference and in the sessions “Flexibility market mechanisms across Europe” and “The role of the business models in the provision of flexibility”. Replay them here.


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