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The T-RES CONTROL CENTRE, developed by ETRA, continues its progress as expected. The project has already developed a first version of the blockchain environment that allows the issuing, transfer, and cancellation of Guarantees of Origin in a secure manner. In addition, there have been significant advancements in the market strategies that will facilitate the participation of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in the different South-Eastern Europe (SEE) markets. The image below summarizes the market participation data to the RES Manager.
Within the T-SENTINEL TOOLSET- which aims to enhance regional security and reliability - draft versions of all envisaged modules developed, and relevant methodologies mathematical descriptions, and software documentation are given in the latest reports. The Elektroenergetski Koordinacioni Centar (EKC), as the developer of this tool, is planning the next step which is the final refinement of modules will be done in cooperation with end-users, before starting integration and demonstration activities together with other TRINITY platforms.
One of the keys to enhancing Security and Renewable integration in the Electricity Power Grid is to have clear and transparent communication between the different partners, as well as effective and reactive coordination. RTE international in France and Institut Mihajlo Pupin in Serbia (IMP) are developing the T-COORDINATION PLATFORM (T-COO), a software solution dedicated to supporting users and organizations in this regard. The first version of the platform was ended and now partners will develop new features and enhance existing ones.
T-COORD-RES, a sub-module of the T-COO platform, will enable Transmission System Operators (TSO) to receive timely and accurate production data from the RES plants, as well as their short-term forecasts. So far, the main functionalities of the tool have been developed and an initial demonstration with the data received from the RES plant owned by the project partner KONCAR (Croatia), has been achieved. The tool will also serve for the coordination of the maintenance plans between TSOs and generation plants, featuring guided and timed steps for all stakeholders yielding a more efficient process with reduced outage times in the transport network. At present, the tool developments covered the yearly time frame for the coordination with the quarterly and weekly once pending as next steps. Additionally, the TRINITY team is working on the integration with a suitable Market Management System, used by TSO, to allow automated generation of the balancing orders, aiming to reduce the effort of TSO operators and avoid any potential errors.
The T-COO supports not only daily operations but also activities in case of unattended events. One of the latest features delivered is the Critical Grid Situation process developed by RTE international with the support of end-users, SCC, the Regional Security Coordinator (RSC) in Serbia, in coordination with Serbian TSO EMS and some of the neighboring country TSOs, such as NosBiH (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and ESO (Bulgaria).
When a situation is identified as critical for the grid security during a coordinated process by either a TSO or its RSC, the Critical Grid Situation process can be triggered to handle this. For instance, if an issue is detected during the Short-Term Adequacy process (insufficient production in one country, for instance), the CGS process can be triggered to coordinate actors at the regional level and try to find and agree on solutions to resolve this issue (for instance, additional support from neighboring countries via increased capacities, etc.).
In addition, the SEEPEX and IMP partners are making progress in the T-MARKET COUPLING FRAMEWORK. The most remarkable is the work done on improving trading of Guarantees of Origin (GO) in the SEE region in an organized way, for both auction-based and continuous based trading, enabling cross-border trade of GOs between different market areas. The platform enables trading with various products, and there is room left for new products that may appear in the future.
Although the platform is still under development, the auction scheduling and bid submission part has been completed. Now work is being done on optimization.


What are the benefits to the market and end-users? It is adjustable for the specific needs of the market, considering the needs and role of Issuing Bodes (IB) and market participants. The main objective of this GO platform is to provide a harmonised operation of several IBs offering a secure and immutable registry for GoO. The platform also facilitates decoupling market operation and IB functions.
How is the TRINITY platform in line with European policies? The platform is in line with the EU Green Deal key principles: each sold GoO ensures secure supply from RES, and its regional character makes the supply more affordable. The platform is cross-border based, with the idea to integrate and digitalise the EU Green Energy market.


TRINITY is completely aligned with the revision of the Renewable Energy Directive published in July 2021. It is especially relevant how TRINITY supports the new ambitions of the European Commission (EC) in boosting the deployment and investment in Renewable energy. One of the main objectives of the T-RES CONTROL CENTRE is to facilitate the negotiation of new bilateral agreements (PPAs) and to provide more automated technology to facilitate the process of checking the profitability and technical possibilities of a new RES installation in a specific location. Of course, TRINITY also promotes cross-border cooperation at different levels (transmission infrastructure and market levels) thanks to T-COORDINATION, T-SENTINEL, and T-MARKET.
In July, the European Commission published a proposal to revise the Renewable Energy Directive. As part of the package “Delivering on the European Green Deal”, the Commission is seeking to accelerate the take-up of renewables in the EU to make a decisive contribution to its ambition of reducing net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 – and ultimately becoming climate neutral by 2050.


TRINITY, together with CROSSBOW project, organised the online Energy Talk “Incorporating high penetration of Renewable Energy Sources into the power grid thanks to EU-funded innovations” as part de EU Sustainable Energy Week 2021.
The talk showed how both projects will facilitate the sustainable development of the future energy model, which should be designed in such a way to ensure the cooperation between countries for RES integration seamlessly across Europe. Now, this talk is available to be replayed!


As it was announced on our social media, TRINITY is starting a collaboration with its sister project FARCROSS in order to find synergies that improve the results of both projects. The basis of this collaboration will be to merge cross-border flow optimization techniques for performance maximization. FARCROSS related technology is hardware that works by pushing power off overloaded lines and pulling power onto underutilized lines; balancing power flows across multiple lines and relieving internal constraints that limit cross-border flows.
TRINITY technology is the T-SENTINEL software, whose leaders are examining now how the Remedial Action Optimization module and/or the Transmission Reliability Margin modules can be used to make optimization calculations with the data coming from the FARCROSS device. We will keep you posted about the progress we make within the scope of this collaboration.


TRINITY keeps introducing its team through videos, watch them! Do you have any suggestions for the next videos? Contact us!

Coming actions

TRINITY project will host a booth at the EU Projects Zone of ENLIT 2021 Conference between 30 November- 2 December in Milan. Additionally, it will participate in different BRIDGE sessions. Visitors could find TRINITY at booth 12.EU28 during the three-day event.

The delivery of the first version of the TRINITY products allows the consortium to start preparing the integration and demonstration activities while continuing the technical developments for providing the final version of the TRINITY technologies.

TRINITY will keep creating synergies across the energy transition initiatives and H2020 projects. On 16 December it will participate in the next online workshop of X-FLEX project.

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