TRINITY introduction video

The main objective of TRINITY is to enhance the cooperation and coordination among the Transmission System Operators of Southeast Europe in order to support the integration of the electricity markets in the region, whilst promoting higher penetration of clean energies. Don’t miss its video presentation.

TRINITY introduction video (Spanish version)

El principal objetivo de TRINITY es mejorar la cooperación y la coordinación entre los Operadores de Sistemas de Transmisión del Sudeste de Europa para apoyar la integración de los mercados eléctricos en la región, al tiempo que promover una mayor penetración de energías renovables.

TRINITY Coffee Breaks

The COVID-19 crisis has changed many aspects of our daily life, such as coffee breaks at work. In the case of TRINITY, those coffee breaks happened just during the consortium meeting, even though we keep such a good habit. Watch our videos below!

TRINITY Coffee Break #1: COVID-19 & Renewable Energies

This coffee break gathers Álvaro Nofuentes (ETRA, Spain) Lucija Babić (KONCAR-KET, Croatia), Nastja Kuharić (KONCAR-OBNO, Croatia), Zavvos Aristeidis, (TERNA, Greece), and Raquel Castán (ETRA, Spain).

How COVID-19 has impacted them and their companies? How do they see the future status of renewables due to COVID-19? Will this crisis affect the TRINITY Project? These are some of the issues they talk about.

TRINITY Coffee Break #3: COVID-19 & Market integration

This coffee break gathers Dejan Stojcevski from SEEPEX (Serbia), Dragana Radulović, from BELEN (Montenegro), György Istvánffy from HUPX (Hungary), Rita Hódos from HUPX (Hungary), Álvaro Nofuentes and Raquel Castán both from ETRA (Spain).

How COVID-19 has impacted them and their companies? How will the future status of electricity markets be due to COVID-19?

TRINITY Coffee Break #5: Looking back on a year of progress in 2020

This coffee break gathers some TRINITY partners who look back on a year of progress in 2020. Progress and outcomes reached, challenges found, lessons learned, and even how COVID-19 has impacted TRINITY and their lives. Meet Aleksandar Petkovic (SEEPEX, Serbia), Dusan Vlaisavljevic (EKC, Serbia), György Istvánffy (HUPX, Hungary), Álvaro Nofuentes (ETRA, Spain), and Raquel Castán (ETRA, Spain).

TRINITY Partners

Elektroenergetski Koordinacioni Centar (EKC)

Elektroenergien Sistemen Operator EAD (ESO)

Our project manager presents TRINITY goals

TRINITY’s project manager, Álvaro Nofuentes, explains some key aspects of the project.

TRINITY Coffee Break #2: COVID-19 & Cross-border coordination

This coffee break gathers Álvaro Nofuentes (ETRA, Spain), Dusan Presic, SCC (Serbia) Guillaume Trimbach, RTE (France), Olivier Voron, RTEi (France) and Raquel Castán, ETRA (Spain).

How COVID-19 has impacted them and their companies? How is the current and future status of cross-border coordination due to COVID-19? In which TRINITY tool are they working on?

TRINITY Coffee Break #4: Women in the Electricity Sector

This coffee break gathers Marta Sturzeanu (CRE, Rumania), Raquel Castán (ETRA, Spain), Lucija Babić (KONCAR-KET, Croatia), Leila Luttenberger (KONCAR-KET, Croatia), and Rita Hódos (HUPX, Hungary).

These five women of TRINITY’s team discuss gender diversity in the electricity sector, their professional experiences within this sector, obstacles, and barriers found, solutions to get more women into the energy sector, as well as, the gender balance within the TRINITY project.

TRINITY Coffee Break #6: Synergies with H2020 projects

This coffee break gathers the Horizon 2020 projects: CROSSBOW, X-FLEX, Synergy, and TRINITY, all of them members of the BRIDGE initiative. The projects explain synergies between them, complementary actions, resources and tools shared, as well as, their joint work within the BRIDGE initiative. Meet Morana Lončar (KONCAR-KET, Croatia) and Hrvoje Keko (KONCAR-KET, Croatia) both partners of TRINITY, Synergy and CROSSBOW; Ioannis Vlachos (ICCS, Greece) partner of CROSSBOW, TRINITY, X-FLEX; Álvaro Nofuentes (ETRA, Spain) partner of TRINITY, and Raquel Castán (ETRA, Spain) partner of CROSSBOW, TRINITY, X-FLEX.

Crnogorski Elektroprenosni Sistem AD (CGES)

 Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange (IBEX)